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Construction of 7S Lean Management Laboratory of School of Energy and Environment Passed the Acceptance

The release date: 2020-12-10

On the morning of December 27, Zhang Lijun, director of the Laboratory Management Center of school, Li Chunguang, director of the Evaluation Center, and two outside experts came to School of Energy and Environment for acceptance of the 7S lean management laboratory. The acceptance team inspected the HVAC laboratory and the MO.2 laboratory of Environmental Engineering. Wang Fang, president in charge of school, led all the laboratory staff to warmly welcome, introduce in detail, answer the questions raised by experts one by one, and record the places needed optimization and improvement in detail.

In the process of acceptance, experts gave detailed instructions and guidance on how to reasonably route the test bench and how to connect the small air compressor to the gas pipeline.

Through the acceptance that the laboratory achieved the 7S standard, director Zhang Lijun and experts highly appraised the laboratory construction of 7S lean management in the school. He also proposed to achieve dynamic management and continuous improvement management objectives. The school successfully completed the acceptance work.