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School of Energy and Environment takes multiple measures to ensure the quality of online teaching

The release date: 2020-12-10

"An epidemic has inadvertently led the reform of teaching mode in higher education and realized the deep integration of modern information technology and teaching work. It is a special challenge, and also a new teaching journey for us to enter the new realm through a new perspective," said vice president Tang Duoyi when guiding the online teaching work of our school. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, under the guidance of Tang Duoyi, vice president of the school, the College of energy and environment has planned and prepared in advance. By actively playing the role of grass-roots teaching organization, carrying out online micro class competition, organizing experience exchange of award-winning teachers and strengthening teaching supervision, the quality of online teaching has been effectively guaranteed.

First of all, during the preparation period and trial operation period of online teaching, the school organized various departments to carry out teaching and research activities, giving full play to the role of grass-roots teaching organizations and making them return to teaching and research. Focusing on how to improve the quality of online teaching and students' learning effect in this special period, we carried out a rich teaching discussion. We exchanged good practices, learned from good experience, and analyzed problems together to find solutions. For example, to master the teaching platform, we were proficient in one and familiar with more than one; when teaching, we made a good plan of one-use and one-standby, to ensure the smooth operation of online teaching. Teachers turned quickly from the tense response at the beginning to calmly control the online teaching activities, which fully achieved the goal of delaying the start of school without closing classes.

In order to further stimulate everyone's enthusiasm for online teaching, promote the effect of online teaching, and share the wonderful moments of teachers' online teaching with everyone, the school organized and launched online teaching micro class competition. The teachers were very enthusiastic and submitted their own online teaching videos. After evaluated by experts, 11 winning works were selected. The competition has played a positive role in promoting the achievements of online teaching.

In order to consolidate teaching experience of previous online and continue to improve the teaching effect on the basis of ensuring the normal online teaching order, the school held an online teaching experience exchange meeting in time attended by all staff members. Led by Vice president Tang Duoyi, academic director Mu Yunchao, director of the graduate Department Sun Yuzhou, director of the education and teaching quality evaluation center Li Chunguang, and director of the modern education technology center Zhang Shuqin attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the six teachers shared their experience about online teaching from the aspects on how to give full play to the role of grass-roots teaching organizations, exploring the teaching mode of graduate courses, integrating ideological and political elements, innovating case teaching, strengthening interaction with students, improving the effect of online teaching, and on how to quickly build an online course under the epidemic situation, using teaching methods to promote online teaching skillfully as well.